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Fan Signs No Longer Allowed - Myrtle Gail

I am writing this article on behalf of Myrtle and as one of her utmost and avid supporters.

The Myrtle Senshi Fan Group (M-Senshi) recently published an article tackling the issue of Fan Abuse on Fan Signs and it was posted on both of Myrtle’s official fan pages. So I’d like to acknowledge this through this post on her website.

No Fan Signs

As we all know, a lot of fans have been asking for fan signs from Myrt. And no matter how many times you’ll ask, it’s no longer possible because Myrtle is now a part of Star Magic. Effective last year, Star Magic has banned their talents from making fan signs after a poser of Arron Villafor used a fan sign to sell gadgets.

Ginamit diumano ang nasabing fan sign sa social networking site na Facebook para magbenta ng gadgets at mapaniwala ang mga tao na mismong si Arron ang gumagawa ng transactions para makapang-biktima.

Please read the whole article from PUSH:

So it’s now clear to everyone that fan signs are prohibited. But there’s also this issue of Edited Fan Signs (EFS). Again, FANSIGNS ARE PROHIBITED REGARDLESS IF THE FANSIGN IS ORIGINAL OR EDITED. Note that Arron’s poser used edited fan signs on his scam. No matter what your intentions are, good or bad, even if there’s no money involved, they’re still prohibited. So it’s no question that I frown upon those so called fan pages that attract likes by creating edited fan signs of Myrtle or other artists not limited to those from Star Magic.

No more fan signs from Myrtle boo hoo… but don’t get your hopes down. Here are tips if you’d like to show your love and support for Myrtle and make her notice you. <3 (credits to M-Senshi for these suggestions)

We Love Myrtle

  1. Follow Myrtle’s Twitter (@MyrtleGail). When she comes online and tweets, greet her. Just a simple hello would do. Depending on her state at that time, she would eventually greet you in return. Then you can Retweet and/or do a Screen Capture and then post it on your Facebook timeline or the Myrtle fan pages and happily say “Myrtle said hi to me!”
  2. Myrtle is also an Admin of 2 official fan pages. We can’t say that she comes on Facebook and posts at the fan pages herself, but she does post and communicates with the fans sometimes. You can leave her a message if you’d like.
  3. Visit Myrtle here on her website. Leave a comment relevant the posts that she’s written. I haven’t really seen her reply to comments yet but for sure she has read some of them. If you own a blog site yourself be sure to leave your blog URL when you comment. In that way she might take the time to visit your blog, read your entries and comment, even if it’s not even about her.
  4. You create your own fan signs like the one above. Whether if it’s just on a piece of paper or even something creative. Then you can tweet it to Myrtle or even post them on the official fan pages. She might eventually see them. She may not acknowledge you right away. When she has the time, she’ll leave a short thank you note.
  5. Join an active Myrtle fan group, most especially if you are in the Manila area. In that way you’ll have a chance to attend the events in which fans are allowed to be part of the audience and you’ll be able to approach Myrtle in person along with the fangroup you represent.
  6. Do something creative and unique as your contribution to show your utmost support for Myrtle. It can be an awesome artwork, a video, or a blog dedicated to her. The admins may acknowledge you, your fellow fans will acknowledge you, and eventually it will reach Myrtle, who will also acknowledge you as well.
  7. If you are a global fan (globie), some people do this and it usually works. Some fans send gifts to Myrtle (via the family or the admins of the fangroup you belong to), and in return, they get a thank you from Myrtle herself. A lot more personal despite the long distance.

I’m thinking of opening submissions on the Fan Art section of this website soon so we can show more support and inspiration for our Otaku and Cosplaying Princess. :)

Btw, congrats to all Myrtle Fans! One of Myrt’s Official Fan Pages has reached 400,000 LIKES as of yesterday (August 15th, 2012). Wishing all the best and more power to Myrtle and the fans! 😀